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Handmade Amish Poly Lawn Furniture & Unique Home Furnishings

We are celebrating the New Year with the lowest prices we have ever had on our Adirondacks and Woodland Rockers!  Order them  now and be ready for spring.  Take advantage of our Snow Sale!
​These are the perfect addition to any fire pit or porch!
January sale only!

​Each is only $287.00!

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*Delivery charges apply unless you pick the order up.
We are thrilled to have our Amish friends that supply most of the items in our store.  From the Amish dressing on the windows to the items in the store, we are looking for the individual in YOU.  It will never be the same twice.  If you see something you like, get it now because our suppliers are independent suppliers.  We don’t want everyone to have the same things.  Be unique!  Be You!
  1. Rock n Roll
    Rock n Roll
    We brag about having the most comfortable rockers! Our Woodland Rockers are ergonomic and so-o-o comfortable. They come in a variety of colors. They are available in single colors or a 2 color combination. Show your school support by getting them in your school colors!
  2. A Gathering Place
    A Gathering Place
    Relax and enjoy a cool drink with our counter or bar sets. Use multiple colors as shown or match them up in your favorite color or 2 color combination. You will be amazed at how comfortable these chairs are.

For current catalogs or additional information call,
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We are ready to help you customize your order to fit your unique needs!

  1. Wooden Furniture, Gifts and Home Decor
    Wooden Furniture, Gifts and Home Decor
    We carry Amish made wooden furniture, gifts and home decor. Come in and feel the charm of yesteryear as you take a trip down memory lane or feel free to touch and feel the furniture and crafts that we carry. We looked for only the best in craftsmanship.
  2. Artwork
    Find original artwork inspired by our surroundings and everyday life in our showroom. Each piece is hand-painted and unique. Stop in and find the perfect accent piece for your home.